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What Is Loop?

Accountability Reimagined

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The Platform

Loop is a global platform for people to feedback on humanitarian and development services in their communities. It is a space for conversations to happen that improve lives, and change behaviour at scale.

Loop is available on a variety of channels including SMS and Facebook, for free in multiple languages. It increases dialogue between service providers and communities.

Organisations can use Loop to supplement existing feedback mechanisms and incorporate additional data. Loop enables safe complaints and reporting of abuse.

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Video introduction: How It Works

Anyone can openly engage with Loop through a variety of different channels. This makes it adaptable to the local social, cultural and technological context and each person's preferences. Loop is simple, intuitive and with as few barriers to engage as possible. Check out the video explainer - also available in Tagalog, Bembe and in Nyanja.

You can read and engage with others comments by upvoting or replying to comments and using a filter or setting alerts to see feedback on thematic areas, locations or organisations that are important to you.

Our Design Principles

We don't have all the solutions, but we have 4 strong design principles:
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Decentralised Control

Anyone, from anywhere, can feedback on what is important to them, when they want, without having to be asked.

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Open Data

Once a story is approved by a moderator, it is accessible to anyone on the platform. Data is not siloed or extracted, and can be anonymous.

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Open Dialogue

Anyone can engage with the stories and content on Loop. No one person or organisation has all the solutions.

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Our Voices, Our People

Loop is governed by a board of people who come from affected contexts, and can ensure we stay true to our principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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