Sheena Millapo

Zambia Loop Coordinator - Zambian Governance Foundation

Sheena is the Zambia Loop Coordinator working for the Zambian Governance Foundation (ZGF). Sheena is passionate about achieving sustainable development and being of service to the under privileged. She enjoys community work and being in teams that work to bring sustainable solutions to local communities. She has over 3 years’ experience in the community development sector, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies, Masters in Project Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development. Sheena is a Mandela-Washington Fellow and a Beit Scholar.

Sheena is an integral part of the Zambian Governance Foundation wider team and objectives. ZGF has an active network of over 140 civil society organisations from across Zambia and have a rich history supporting civil society organisations through funding and capacity building for sustainable local development. They are also an active member of the Shift the Power Movement.

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