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Philippines T-Shirt Design Competition

Retchel Sasing



What is Loop?


Loop is an independent digital feedback monitoring system encouraging and enabling greater engagement with citizens. It is an independent charity, with the sole purpose of providing a safe mechanism for people to raise their voices to improve services at scale.


Loop believes that everyone has an opinion about the support and services that they receive. It is our constant endeavor to find ways for them to feel confident and be able to share this in a safe, meaningful, and transparent manner, so that it informs and affects positive social change.


The Loop platform is:

·      For anyone to initiate feedback

·      From anywhere they want

·      At any time

·      On what is important to them

·      If they are asked to or not

·      On a device they are already using or have access to.


It is:

·      Free to use for local providers and service users or beneficiaries

·      Can be anonymous

·      Easy to use and adaptable to the local context dependent on existing cultural, technological and social approaches

·      Available on any device the individual or community is already using

·      Translated into English, Arabic, French and Spanish and other languages based on funding

·      Sensitive information, serious complaints or reports of sexual exploitation and abuse will be managed securely and sent to the appropriate referral pathway and not posted on line

·      Quantitative data is displayed on an interactive dashboard to identify trends and hotspots


Loop is currently functional in Zambia and the Philippines, and we are scoping its use in Somalia. We are building on Text messaging, translation services, Voiceand Interactive Voice technology, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, USSD codes and other features throughout the year.


To learn more about Loop, visit now.



About the Contest


Loop Philippines is seeking new t-shirt designs that will be used for its field operations and partner engagements that serve as the charity’s branding strategy. The contest is part of the communications and information awareness component of the project wherein we see the importance and relevance of showcasing various artistic and creative designs that relate to Loop’s purpose. This is implemented to better understand Loop’s aims and scope and to establish its identity in the country through different visibility materials, including shirt designs. Broadly, the shirt design will be one of the charity’s unique value proposition that it encourages its key audiences, especially in the Philippines, to utilize and support the platform.



Contest Rules and Guidelines


Read the following official contest rules and guidelines below:

1.     The contest is open to all novice or professional layout artists and digital designers NATIONWIDE.

2.     Loop accepts a design which was collaboratively made by teams. Note, collaboration is allowed. One can submit designs individually or in group.

3.     Designs should be inspired by how the contestants understand and/or interpret the background of Loop provided above. Contestants can also reflect or integrate Loop’s banner “Share, Read and Engage with Experiences from Communities” or from the key message “Loop is here to connect with your peers, community and people you share the same sentiments with.”

4.    All designs should be on the front of the shirt only and must have the Loop logo visible along with the design. Do not alter, redesign, redraw, modify, distort or design on the logo. For the official logos of Loop, please click this link:

5.     Only one design per contestant.

6.     As part of the consent given to the participants, if possible, we would be using ALL the submitted designs to be used for website and social media content of the implementing organizations. This will be used for any visibility and publications.

7.     A panel of judges will choose the winning submissions. The selection committee will select the best three (3) designs which will be published through Loop’s social media accounts.

8.     Designs will be judged on the following criteria:

a.     Originality and clear concept

b.     Captures the purpose of Loop

c.     Striking and memorable design

d.     Visibility – eye-catching and visible from a reasonable distance

e.     Completeness of design and must be ready for print

f.       Must be easy to reproduce or feasibility

9.     The committee will be awarding the best, second best, and the third best designs. Decisions are taken by the majorityand scores will be validated by Loop Philippines Team for the full confidentiality and non-disclosure externally. In case no decision can be takenand if scores are tied, the chairman of the board of will vote and is decisive. The best designs are awarded financially with digital recognition certificates.

a.     1st prize will receive Php 8,000with digital recognition certificate

b.     2nd prize will receive Php 6,000 with digital recognition certificate

c.     3rd prize will receive Php 5,000with digital recognition certificate

d.     The participants who are not chosen as the competition winners will receive digital participation certificates and tokens.

10.  For usage and property rights, the designs may be featured on any visibility, layouts and other advocacy and promotional material of the Loop and its implementing organizations. Generally, Loop reserves the right to:

a.    Feature designs and designer’s profile for recognition, to any events, publications or in our online platforms; and

b.    When necessary, alter or edit any designs to meet reproduction or publication purposes.

All winning designs will become a property of Loop with all ownership rights included. The winning designs will be exclusive for the implementing organizations and the national coordination committee and will fully credit the designers. The Loop Philippines Technical Team reserves all reproduction rights for all the winning designs submitted.

All designs will become a property of Loop with all ownership rights included. The designs will be exclusive for the implementing organizations and the national coordination committee and will fully credit the designers. The Loop Philippines Technical Team reserves all reproduction rights for all the designs submitted.

11.  All entries must be original creations of the artist. Make sure that the design incorporates the color branding schemes of Loop. Contestants should also make sure that designs have never been published, does not contain profanity, trademarks or logos from other entities, or copyrighted works of any other person, business or organizations. By submitting a design, you are guaranteeing that you hold rights to everything in it. Make sure that it does not contain any copyrighted material, including images or copy found on the internet unless clearly marked as published under a creative commons license. Automatic disqualification will be applied, if so. The designs must be free of any third-party rights. Note that Loop or the organizations involved shall not be liable in relation to any such third-party rights. Designers shall observe copyright and professionalism. Strictly no plagiarism!

12.  At the sole discretion of Loop, disqualification, forfeiture and the selection of an alternate winner may result from any of the following:

a.    Winner’s failure to respond to notification within seven (7) business days after its transmission;

b.    The return of an email notification as undeliverable after three (3) attempts;

c.    Winner’s failure to provide original design files;

Upon contacting a winner and determining that they have met all eligibility requirements of the contest, such individual will be declared the “winner” of the contest via social post.

13.  The artist should agree with the regulations and guidelines mentioned above and the decisions of the committee and the judges. Their decision shall be final, not subject to appeal, thus irrevocable.

14.  Lastly, contestants will not pay for any registration or entry fees. Contestants are free to submit your entries. They just have to fill-out the application form attaching their final designs or entries.



Design Specifications

1.     Design submission should be saved to 300 dpi to produce a quality print output.

2.     Acceptable files are high resolution JPGs, TIFFs, AI,PNGs, PDFs, PSDs files.

3.     If you win, you will be required to provide the original design in a high-resolution format that is compatible with Photoshop Illustrator or another professional design program.

4.     It is not required that the key messages or banner are on the shirt, but we encourage you to relate the design back to those themes.

5.     The color of the shirt is up to your perspective. However, please ensure that designs are clean and should have good mix of colors. Also, please consider the following color schemes of Loop:

Main  Colors

Notifications, Status, Categories

Highlight  Colors

Loop Green - #107D79

Loop Purple -  #31135E

Light Grey - #EEEEEE

Black - #000000

Note: Font colors that are italicized are the common colors used for Loop visuals. However, you still have your own choice of color mixes.

6.    The design should be on the front of the shirt and should be contained within a 14 by 17 area or you can fit it on an8.5 by13 inches size. They can also save a copy of their work at the size of 1200 pixels by 890 pixels. They must keep their original, high-resolution image. If one’s design is chosen, Loop will need this version for printing.


Submission Guidelines

·       All designs/entries should be submitted to the application form provided. Just click the link for you to have a copy of the online application form. Click this: (

·      You must be 18 years or older to submit an entry. If you are under the age of 18you may still create and submit a design, but it must be submitted on your behalf by a parent or guardian.

·      National contest on t-shirt designing will start on Friday, June 4, 2021,upon posting these guidelines.

·      Contestants should submit their designs from June 4 to June 25, 2021.

·      On June30, 2021 will be the announcement of winners and presenting the winning designs to the launching of the Loop platform in the country. Participants are encouraged to join the launching event.

·      This is a nationwide competition, so we are also inviting every contestant on their full commitment to the competition guidelines.

·      The winner will be notified formally through their email address or mobile numbers, via the information provided on the application form after the launching event.


If you have inquiries, clarifications or questions, you can email it to the following and follow the format:

Subject: T-Shirt Design_Inquiry_First and Last Name




Visit and follow our web and social media accounts:

Guidelines link:

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