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Launching of Loop in the Philippines: Surpassing expectations!

Jose EG Lacre

We were delighted to host 143 people on the 7th of July to celebrate the launch of Loop in the Philippines on Zoom. Another 126 joined us live on Facebook page and since then there have been 655 views on the video ( and 1,610 reach on the Facebook page. 

Loop can be a revolutionary tool that fosters and enables greater engagement with the citizenry

The Philippines Loop National Coordination Council (LNCC) was so proud to be joined and supported by representatives and partners from international non-governmental organizations, local and national government agencies, civil society and faith-based organizations, grass roots organizations, as well as people from the private sectors and media partners. 

“This is basically why I am so excited about Loop to launch in the Philippines is the fact that Loop platform gives the opportunity to actually hear from the people, learn from the people, to be guided and lead by the people and this is how it should be from the start.” said Salama Bakhalah, Governing Board Member Treasurer.

Partners outlines how the platform is a practical response to the growing calls for localization and shifting power across humanitarian and anti-poverty work. They said that it provides people with a simple and secure way to express themselves. They also highlighted that the platform ensures that processes are in place and communities that are affected by crises are constantly at the center of decision-making. 

“Among the gaps identified during the localisation country-level dialogues were the needs to ensure that voices of the communities and recipients of aid are heard… Access to digital communication or the Loop digital platform …’this’ is an opportunity to fill-in this gap.”

“Loop is our concrete manifestation of our commitment to accountability to the affected population.” said Regina Antequisa, ECOWEB Executive Director as she kicked-off the event.

The LNCC, composed of NAPC-VDC, DRRNet, CLEARNet, CDRN and ECOWEB, leadership encouraged us all to invite people to use this safe space to encourage and coordinate feedback across all thematic areas. 

In the launch, representatives from all sectors provided their solidarity and expression of interest to make Loop happen in the Philippines:

“The platform contributes to engaging, empowering and better understanding the needs and experiences of the people and individuals, at scale. It breaks barriers for purposes of accessibility… For us civil society organizations, this is a really welcome space and opportunity for us to give our agenda forward.” said Loreine dela Cruz, Executive Director of Center for Disaster Preparedness and lead convener of DRRNet Philippines. 

“Loop can be a revolutionary tool that fosters and enables greater engagement with the citizenry~. 

“We are proud that our country is the first… to experience the development work by the Loop. As part of our mandate, to oversee the implementation of government programs and projects, this platform will definitely be significant in the fulfillment of our role and responsibilities as accountable council members. May we work closely and actively for the success of this endeavor.” said Ruperto “Ka-Uper’ Aleroza, National Anti-Poverty Commission Vice chair for the Basic Sectors

Loop is our concrete manifestation of our commitment to accountability

Jose EG Michael Lacre, Loop Philippines Communications and Research Specialist and facilitator of the nationwide launching, announced the winner of the month-long nationwide T-Shirt design contest. Three winners were selected out of a total of 74 submitted designs. Congratulations to Arven Arceno of Iligan City who won 1st place and to Luis Mañalac and Froilan Salilin who won 2nd and 3rd place. 

Lastly, Joy Lascano, representative of LNNC closed the program and reflected about Loop’s effectiveness towards gearing up the feedback systems of all organizations in the Philippines. 

“We take advantage of Loop for the benefit of the people we are serving. We hope that we will have dynamic participation for the platform.”

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