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CHS session on the future of accountability in the humanitarian sector.

Agatha Mutale
'Five years since the launch of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), now is the time to take stock. Are we really making aid work better for crisis-affected people? The CHS Alliance’s biennial flagship publication, the Humanitarian Accountability Report (HAR) 2020 explores this fundamental question.
Providing an Evidence-based overview of accountability in the sector, the HAR 2020 reports on the current state of adherence to the CHS and what progress has been made meeting its Nine Commitments. Using information and data gathered from more than 90 aid organisations that have undertaken CHS verification, the report uncovers which Commitments are being best met and where more efforts are most needed.' (CHS Alliance)

At the launch of the Humanitarian Accountability Report 2020. Salama Bakhalah from the Loop Governing Board, Arbie Baguios from Aid Reimagined and Nan Buzard, the Head of Innovation at the ICRC, were asked to share their views on the future of accountability in the Humanitarian sector.

You can view that event starting from time 56:50.

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